CHLS 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Teatro Campesino, Dos Caras, Ketch

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CHLS101 TTH 930-1045
February 26, 2015
First Huelga:
Farmworkers requesting better working conditions and better wages.
La Dos Caras del Patroncito:
During the time when Huelgas began in Delano.
Shows the two faces of el patron (Boss)
Guards use for protection against the people who are protesting and in strike.
Boss does’t at farorkers to uite ad go ito the Huelga.
Boss complaining that he has lots of expenses and things to deal with.
Soldado Razo:
Johnny going to Vietnam.
Mother worried about him.
Family thinking: he will die i Vieta ut did’t etio to Joh.
Johnny has a girlfriend who he leaves behind.
El Teatro Campesino
1. What can the actos teach us about the experience of Chican@ in the 1960s?
No power against government and ranchers.
Ranchers thought they had it worse than the farmworkers.
Politics, family cultural, language: Spanish and English.
2. Ca eread the atos as ultural tet? What do e read aout rae, poer, ad privilege?
Labor Rights, workers rights, anti-war treating change, communication to others what is
going on, united action personal, Vietnam War (Chicanos and poor people).
Cesar Chavez forming boycott and Huelga with farm workers.
3. Where do we see agency? How is the Teatro Campesino making do with what they have?
Work together, corporation from eeroe sigs ho desrie ho the are.
Act everywhere, on the lands, etc.
Making do with their limited resources (sometimes not using stages)
Are these plays simple? In what ways are they simple? In what ways are they complex Bracht (Luis
Valdez drawing from)
Guzman play writes.
In la ketch:
Philosophical idea all of us are related.
I see you reflected in me.
You’re refleted i e.
See different illusions.
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