REC 340 Lecture 1: George Butler

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26 Sep 2017
George Butler
I. Education and Training - Lauren Beck
A. George Butler was born in 1897 to a working-class family in Connecticut. It is where he
earned a college degree in economics at Yale University. When he had graduated from
Yale in 1916, he enlisted in the US army as a clerk and a translator French Army
B. After WWI ended, George Butler traveled to Germany, England, and Wales before he
resided to New York City in 1919.
C. Choosing between working in the Guarantee Trust Company and the National Recreation
Association (which was called the Playground and Recreation Association of America
back then).
D. Starting off as a probationary employee, he was acknowledged, promoted to Director of
Research, and given a raise by the PRAA’s executive secretary, Howard S. Braucher.
II. Work History - Jackson Browner
A. In the 1930’s, George Butler worked in the National Research School as one of the first
ever instructors.
B. Later, he served as a director of research for the National Recreation Association (NRA)
for about 43 years. While working as a director, he directed several national municipal
parks within the year 1930, 1935, and 1940.
C. He served in the US army as a clerk and translator for the French Army.
D. Worked as a board member of the Recreation Commission of Leonia in New Jersey in
1946 and 1962.
E. Author of many books pertaining to recreation, especially his most renowned book, the
Pioneers of Public Recreation.
III. Awards and Accomplishments - Allister Kaw
A. He was awarded with one of the French armies highest honors, the “Croix de Guerre
Medal”, for demonstrating acts of “courage and endurance” during the war.
B. Recognized by his fellow peers when he became elected to the Academy of Leisure
C. Through his work, wisdom, and writing, he shared and emphasized the importance that
recreation has towards human development.
D. He demanded that the government establish and provide more park and recreation
programs for the people. Resulting in the expanse use of recreational parks and programs
that we now have today.
E. In New Jersey, there is a gymnasium named under him in the Leonia Recreation Center.
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