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Lecture 8

AAS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Ostracism, Body Politic, Bhagat Singh Thind

Asian American Studies
Course Code
AAS 201
Kelly Fong

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Racial Triangulation of Asian Americans
[Question] Is Yellow Blak or White
- How do people usually think about race/racial relations
- Where do Asian Americans fit in?
- Beyond Black or White
o Criticizes two approaches to race.
differet trajetories Oi ad Wiat – racialization processes have
been different for each subordinated group.
raial hierarhy - emphasizes a racial order with whites on top, blacks on
bottom, and other groups in between.
o Ki’s arguet –
Racialization happens relationally between groups.
Racialization occurs on at least two dimensions.
field of raial positios.
Changes depending on time and geographic location.
o Asian Americans have been racialized on 2 axes.
o Relative Valorization uses cultural and/or racial grounds to valorize a subordinate
group relative to another.
o Civic Ostracism uses cultural and/or racial grounds to argue a group is immutably
foreign and unassimilable to ostracize them from body politic and civic
- Who makes the representations?
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