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Lecture 39

HIST 1061 Lecture 39: The "Fall" of Ancient Rome

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University of Colorado - Boulder
HIST 1061
Travis Rupp

The Fall of Ancient Rome By this time, Rome had been even further divided. Constantine resectioned Rome even more so than Diocletian. The new capitol was no longer in Rome but in Constantinople near Turkey. Constantine did not expand Rome. He spent his entire principate barely hanging onto Romes boundaries. After Constantines death, he essentially tried to rebuild the tetrarchy. The Empire was divided into 4 sectors each to be ruled by his 3 sons and one nephew. Dalmatius, the nephew, was murdered very quickly. The most stable of Constantines sons was Constantius II. He attempted to bring back economic stability to his section of Rome. He also taxed the military and continued to strengthen Christianity in his sector. The three brothers would all fight each other in a civil war, much like their father did. Constantius II was the victor and he would die of old age. The Constantian Dynasty is over after his death. Constantius II appoints Julian to the throne. Julian hated the Christians because they killed his family. Julian reinstates Paganism and attempts to cause dissention amongst the clergy. He even promoted Judaism and banned Christian teaching in schools. Julian is the last Pagan emperor but he dies in battle against the Persians in 363 after just his second year of emperorship. The world could have looked a lot different if Julian was able to eradicate Christianity like he wanted. Jovian was his successor and he repealed all of Julians Pagans. He died one year later. He is replaced by two coemperors Valentinian and Valens. Both emperors proved to be very poor generals which did not help Rome. Valens lost many battles to the Huns and most
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