DC 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Lump Sum, Location Scouting, Second Unit

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12 Feb 2017
DC 205- Lecture 1- Phases of Film Production
1. Pre-production
a. Casting
i. Majors may be chosen in advance
ii. Casting directors find supporting
iii. Training coaches
b. Establish shooting schedule
i. Stop dates
ii. Avoid multiple trips to a single location
c. Logistics for arrival on location
d. Production designer- sets, props, clothing
e. Storyboards created
2. Production-shooting
a. Assistant director- prepare daily call sheets; track progress
b. Director of photography- camera set-up and operators
c. Key grip- supervise grips carry and arrange equipment and props
d. Gaffer- head electrician; lighting
e. Sound engineers- monitor recordings of dialogue
f. Production assistant- actors, directors’ needs
g. Script supervisor- matching one shot to next
h. Private daily screenings for director/executives
i. Most shooting takes 3-5 months
3. Post -production
a. Editing
b. CGI- computer generated effects
c. Sounds added
i. Voicing characters (animated)
ii. Looping- re-recorded
iii. Foley artists- create and record necessary sounds
d. Sound mixing of effect tracks, dialogue
e. Score composed
f. Songs are licensed
g. Color balancing- adjusting brightness, contrast, color
h. Process can take several months
o Average feature budget- $60-65 million
o Average cost of “opening”- $30-35 million
o Develop “vision”
o Location scouting
o Casting
o Shooting schedule
o Work closely with cinemetographers, editor, composer, production designers
o View dailies
o Sound mixing
o Help promote
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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