NSG 230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Medical Abortion, Breast Pain, Emergency Contraception

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14 May 2019
November 5, 2018 Contraception
Pill (hormonal)
o Mini pill progesterone only
Have to take it at the very same time every single day otherwise the effect
goes down a lot
Can take this while breastfeeding
o Combination pill - Estrogen and progesterone pills have more side effects
Cant take this right after delivery of a child
o How it works
Thickens cervical mucus
Stops ovulation
o Risks
Heart attack
Liver tumors
Can interact with other drugs
o Symptoms
Breast tenderness
Birth control patch (hormonal)
o How it works
Thickens cervical mucus
Stops ovulation
Replace it once a week, leave it off the week you get your period
o Contraindicated
Chronic illness
Heart disease
Anyone at risk for blood clotting
History of breast cancer
Nuvaring (hormonal)
o Leave in for three weeks, take it out the fourth week
Birth control implant, put it in your arm (hormonal)
o Can leave it in for about 4 years
o Releases progestin
o Benefits can relieve menstrual pains
Birth control shot (hormonal)
o Progestin only
o How it works
Take the shot 3 months
Emergency contraception aka plan b pill (hormonal)
o 85% effective within the first 72 hours
o Does not cause abortion, it delays ovulation
IUD (hormonal or non hormonal)
o Copper option
Sperm does not like copper so it stops them from moving
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