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Lecture 16

SOC 331 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Erving Goffman, Intersectionality

Course Code
SOC 331
Roberta Garner

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June 4, 2019 Buraway
Extended case method
1. Theory
2. Micro-Macro
o Ex. changes after colonial regime ended and the Zambian people began
running their own Copper Industry
Micro examination of how colonial was overturend and what
o Connecting the micro and the macro; how they influence eachother
3. Revist
o Historical context change
Ability to create a replication of the theory or work
Much more difficult in the social sciences than compared to
the natural sciences
Instead we are focusing on how theories change over time
4. Reflexive
o Objective
You can’t be a research participant yourself
o Positivist
Not rejecting these people out of hand
He wants a dialogue between different ways of doing
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