BIOL 2130 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Neoplasm, Genetic Programming, Hyperplasia

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28 Mar 2017
Events in Tissue Repair
oCapillaries become very permeable
oClotting proteins migrate into the area from the bloodstream
oA clot walls off the injured area
Granulation tissue forms
oGrowth of new capillaries
oPhagocytes dispose of blood clot and fibroblasts
oRebuild collagen fibers
Regeneration of surface epithelium
oScab detaches
oWhether scar is visible or invisible depends on severity of wound
Regeneration of Tissues
Tissues that regenerate easily
oEpithelial tissue (skin and mucous membranes)
oFibrous connective tissues and bone
Tissues that regenerate poorly
oSkeletal muscle
Tissues that are replaced largely with scar tissue
oCardiac muscle
oNervous tissue within the brain and spinal cord
Development Aspects of Cells and Tissues
Growth through cell division continues through puberty
Cell populations exposed to friction (such as epithelium) replace lost cells throughout
Connective tissue remains mitotic and forms repair (scar) tissue
With some expectations, muscle tissue becomes a-mitotic by the end of puberty
Nervous tissue becomes a-mitotic shortly after birth
Injury can severely handicap amitotic tissues
The cause of aging is unknown, but chemical and physical insults, as well as genetic
programming, have been proposed as possible causes
Neoplasms, both benign and cancerous, represent abnormal cell masses in which
normal controls on cell divisions are not working
Hyperplasia (increase in size) of a tissue or organ may occur when tissue is strongly
stimulated or irritated
Atrophy (decrease in size) of a tissue or organ occurs when the organ is no longer
stimulated normally
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