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Lecture 6

SOCI 1025 Lecture 6: C&M 1:24:17

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SOCI 1025
David H.Knox

C&M 1/24/17 Long Distance Dating Relationships -Long distance: Being separated by 500 miles, 8 hrs, or months at a time. -Difficult to maintain -Different types: Online, meeting somewhere someone else, separated by education or career. -Main variable that separates a couple: they are regretfully apart. -Category of people that don’t want to mess with a long-distance relationship: half of people. -Positive labeling: “I love you, I care about you, you’re worth it” That is different, and that is special. First thing you get out of it: You care about each other. -Second: You keep the relationship high because you don’t have constant exposure. Stay high, stay in love with them because you can’t always see them. Satiation does not have time to set in. -Third: You have time to focus on your school or career. -Fourth: You’ll have a lot of your own personal time. -Fifth: Maintain the illusion that “we” have a perfect relationship. If you cant see them everyday you can maintain the illusion of being delleriously involve with them. Satiation- A stimulus loses its value with repeated exposure It could be to
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