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Lecture 1

EDU 211 Lecture 1: Global Notes 5-1

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EDU 211
Scott Morrison

Global Notes 3/1 Crossing The Border • Migration has created a lot of questions around security & human rights • Study examining news articles from Germany, US, & Spain o All presented migration within borders & internationally • To inform research: o Framing Theory (How journalists present info which influences the decisions made) o About how journalists select what info and how they communicate it • Research: o Certain methods • Methods: o Content analysis ▪ What was covered and how • Sample: o 9 sources o 150 articles o 30 from each nation o Jan 1 to March 31 2017 • Coding Sheet: ▪ Government & Politics ▪ National & International FO us ▪ Ethics & Morality ▪ Conflict, Violence, & Crime ▪ One more • Key Findings: o Chose to focus on four trends o 1. Emphasis on govnt policies & preference o There were more • 90% collected articles mentioned govnt involvement or action • Publications preferred frames that had international perspective & motioned international players • 30 articles found focused on trump, his proposed wall, & his approach to immigration o Will this wall really affect undocumented immigrant problem? o US: far less welcoming to immigrants (whether documented or not) • Over 50% of articles focused on asylum & refugees • Two semesters of research Globalization • Comparative research • Did half in Morocco • Utilized questionnaire with many different types of questions including blank map to fill in o In three languages (Arabic, French, English in morocco) • Limitations: o 9 page questionnaire o Map wasn’t clear enough o Wording ▪ In Arabic Sahara: Desert (was confusing to explain) ▪ “What does ISIS Stand for” • Those in Morocco took this
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