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Lecture 29

COR 110 Lecture 29: Global Notes 4:28

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Elon Core Curriculum
COR 110
Thomas Nelson

Global Notes 4/28 Hannah Cheyney Tom Nelson =UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 Review: • Wymar: City in Germany • End of WWI: chosen as site for constitution convention to establish new German govnt o ‘Wymar republic’: very famous o didn’t live long 1919-1933 (Hitler) ▪ Explosion of creativity (exp. film) • German films produced during this period: still with us today o *have given a face to many archetypes, mostly evil o ***“Breakthrough of subconscious of film” o Wymar films pop up all the time in pop culture ▪ Educated people get the joke (Exp. In spongebob, he met Nos Haratu) • Two films to emphasize o ‘Nos Haratu” (Dracula) ▪ Dracula doesn’t exist, don’t know what he looks like, Wymar film gave Dracula a face, look, not just words anymore ▪ Now he must have certain things going for him (exp. teeth, basement, coffin, accent) • **All the archetype! o Metropolis ▪ Has given us: • Superman • Endless Madonna Video (Breast Cones) • Face to ‘Mad Professor’ (Crazy hair, lab co
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