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Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Class Notes: October 1, 2012 Issues in Attribution  “Discounting” – giving less weight to reasons when there are two or more  “Augmenting” – giving more weight to reasons when there are two or more  Cross-cultural studies - Norms of Internality (Individual) - Norms of Communality (Collective)  Sexual harassment & “defensive attribution” Impression Management – attempt to take control of how others see us  Social desirability – want to make good first impression  Solomon Asch & “central traits theory” – certain central traits that capture an essence of a person (“warm” or “cold”)  Implicit personality theory – once traits are established, we form a perception and any violation against that is completely unexpected - Implicit links (Freud = “associations”)  Impression formation – emphasize certain information over others - DeBruin & Van Lange (2000) – collecting data when meeting someone - Vinokur & Schul (2000) – we filter perceptions of others based on own values (“projection” – taking something of ourselves and putting it out in the world) - “exemplars” – recall specific behaviors on what we directly observe - “abstractions” – previously formed ideas (assumptions based off exemplars) Self-Presentation  Self-enhancement – boost appearance or boast about ability to make a good first impression (embellishing)  Other enhancement – enhancing how others feel (flattery, good manners) - Morrison & Bies (1991) – showing same interests, favors, asking for feedback - Wayne & Ferris (1990) - Wayne et al (1997)
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