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Communication Sciences and Disorders
David Shim

Class Notes: October 10, 2012 Role of Culture Two types: 1) Norms of Internality – independent self-concept; individualistic norms (USA, Canada, Western Europe) 2) Norms of Collectivism – interdependent self-concept (Asian countries) Cross & Madson (1997) and Carol Gilligan (1988) 1) Men – Justice Ethic - moral reasoning is based on abstract universal rules (do the right thing) - use the same rules in different contexts 2) Women – Care Ethic - increased care about relationships and one’s effect on others (concern for others) Vicissitudes of the Self  Process of internalization - internalize people/personalities we come in contact with  Changes within cultures - “I am different” - Rites of Passage - certain rituals a child must go through to become an adult - “expecting rejection” - cultural norms - average/standard in one culture Social Perception  Social Comparitson Theory (Festinger 1954) - Self-evaluation maintenance model – maintain and protect self-esteem through seeing what others are doing (move away from people who out-perform) - Social identity – (move closer to others who we share an identity with)  “In-group bias” – form an identity as a group by simply being together - “black sheep effect” – when a member of an in-group threatens group identity, they are harassed to change, and if they do not change, they are expelled from the group  Confirmation of out narcissistic self – everyone is a version of self - development of a social self  How group theory works (universality – not the only one who is experi
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