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Lecture 23

PSYC 111 Lecture 23: Psychological Disorders III

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PSYC 111
Kim Elizabeth

4-11 Psychological Disorders III 4/11/17 12:19 PM 4-11 Psychological Disorders III Overview • Personality disorders • Dissociative disorders • Schizophrenia Personality disorder: condition in which personality traits are inflexible, stable, expressed in a wide variety of situations, and lead to distress or impairment • Comorbidity: higher possibility of being diagnosed with more than one • Psychopathic personality (textbook pg. 613-614) • Borderline personality disorder Borderline personality disorder: pervasive pattern of instability, interpersonal relationships, self image, and affect; extreme instability in mood, identity, and impulse control • 1.6% of Americans • Problems with regulating emotions and thoughts o Report being unsure about who they are o Life goals shift dramatically from year to year • Impulsive/reckless behavior o Unpredictable • Unstable relationships o Alternate from extremes (worshipping to hating) between days o A pattern of stable instability • Includes 5 of the following symptoms o Extreme reactions (panic, depression) ▪ Extreme reactions to abandonment o Pattern of intense and stormy relationships ▪ Friends, family, loved ones ▪ From love and idealizing the person to extreme dislike or anger o Distorted or unstable self-image or sense of self ▪ Sudden changes in feelings, opinions, values, plans, or goals o Impulsive ▪ Engaged in danger
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