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Lecture 26

CLP 4144 Lecture 26: Hyperactivity disordersPremium

2 pages18 viewsSpring 2017

Clinical Psychology
Course Code
CLP 4144
Miller Lawrence

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CLP 4144
Abnormal Psychology
o Problem is self-moderating/self-control/regulation
o Used to think that the hyperactivity is a symptom of the inattention
It’s hard to focus o thigs your aygdala tells you is’t iportat
o Seems to be an issue in dopamine regulation- missing in many ADHD kids
o Symptoms:
Attention dysregulation: lacking ability to efficiently allocate attention
Likely to become a bully (lash out)
Impacts speech/behavior/emotions- also easy to BE bullied- react easily
Emotional lability- shows emotional response very quickly
Impaired socialization
Perceived by peers to be fundamentally immature
o Only consider personal needs
o Emotionally reactive
o Ca’t had delay i gratificatio
Tend to have friends younger than themselves
Poor self-regulation
Staying on/completing a task
o 2-4x more common in boys
Girls tend to show more inattentive type (not as hyper)
Tends to be overall more severe in boys
o Cause:
Some genetic basis
Some interruption of dopamine in ventral striata
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