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Lecture 1

CPO 4042 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Vise, Joachim Gauck, Autonomous Communities Of Spain

Compr Politics
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CPO 4042
Shaykhutdinov Renat

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Notes 5-17 european politics:
Most costly: wwii set the stage. The marshall plan, and european post-war recovery
Primary post-war objectives
“German q” options vs reality
Half million homes in german were destroyed.
Concern: how to prevent another war
How to reconstruct. What has been destroyed.
Help from friend aka USA to get back
1948-1951 martial plan!! Need to know. European recovery program. usa 13 billion dollar is aid
to eu countries to recover.
To be eligible countries needed to……?
Eec (european econimic community) Organization created to enforce countries to minister and
work together when they got funding.
1 step integration ..supported by usa. Also issue of security. And environmental of cold war
European political change following the end of ww11 -new constitutions -democracy
After ww11 europe become minor power
Process of artification 1950’s
Major countries not so major anymore. Germany was divided. Things changed
East germany was administered by separate gov. 1949 attempt to keep soviet out..american
in...germans down is what ...organization intended to.
Soviets created the …..war as a result to fight back. Communist east, catholics west
Cold war was starting/////1947-1948 adopted new constitutions except uk
Postwar settlement lead to corporate model w/ business and ….sattes working side by side.
Agreement that a welfare state will be created thru eu countries. State will mediate. We do c
economic boom in germany and rest in wester e
Agree that social welfare should be there. Eu has social security problems. Its part of identity.
Issues...immigration...regional minorities...unemployment….tensions between eu and member
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1. Immigration- redefinition as security threat///politicized as peaceful lives but
marginalized////rise of the right.
2. Regional minorities-devolution in 90’s was importance. ///independence (internal conflicts) ex.
Scotts, welch, don't have their own states. 1978-......(spain recent democracy.)
Labor gov agree with irish catholics that a separate parliament will be given to scotland and
wales in late 90’s. Issues not over yet. Still here today
3. Unemployment ex. Greece unemployment youth up to 50 percent. Democratic deficit of eu.
4.accountability(responsibility)/////appointment/////direct vs indirect elections////created by elites
and americans the accountability. Many elections done in indirect ways
5.tensions between…eu and between member states. Slovakia wanted to bad
to get to eu and worked so hard and said now ‘why do we have to pay to someone
Germany trying to fix problems of fugitives. Big Division on the refuge issues.
6.foreign policy
Creation of democracies. Transition and traditions
1. End of wwII is first transition of political systems from monarchies to liberal democracy..
They were traumatize after ww2 so they gave up on the conditions of western europe's.
1940s all 5 sections will get their own constitutions. Not at the same time. Ex. germany
yes. France yes. Italy yes. Spain was a late comer as democracy. Still monarchy until
late 1970’s death of franco. Protect basic freedoms of ALL.
-new republic's -liberal democracies (constraints to protect rights of peoples. Refers to type of
democ that by the gov is constrained by condition of minorities. Their freedom and rights.liberty
in here mean gov still has to protect the life of peeps
2. International.
System of international will change. European influence.
3. Economics -postwar settlement -marshall plan.
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By 1950s colonial powers were changing cuz they were willing to give independence to 3rd
world countries. Allow for democratic elections, establish institutions, bureaucracies in former
colonies and constitutions. Democratic functioning there. Not all were like that ex. french=bloody
wars. Wouldn't even discuss it with you.
Europe was seizing its powers to americas and s…..
Post war settlement among each other. Agreed that aggressive power like germany that would
not be held accountable for the losses. Help of americans were able to recover. Condition of
getting $ is countries will have to collaborate together with projects.
Today democracies means gov is elected by and for peeps.
D. security- communist parties in eastern europe were unpopular. Got power by black male,
threat, killings, turks and greeks were terrified went to americans because they were scared.
NATO played a role here.
E. stage 1 (end of ww2-beginning of 1970’s)
-consensus (broad within society and states. Sustain development. Social security. State will be
more proactive in eastern europe. State will provide welfare to all. Ex. uk. Mediocre health
system called hns
Business labor and state will be a triangle. Will work together to sustain economic growth and
people. State will be manager and mediator.
1-states play larger role in economic management
-nationalized companies
-welfare benefits
2-general social stability.
F. stage II (beginning 1970’s to end of 1980’s)
-economic growth led to other problems. Model of triangle worked for a while quite well but
problems. Expectations of peeps were increasing. State could not fulfill them all. With success
of this model of economic success of western europe is bcuz of GASTARBEITER german
word. Germany was incomic miracle of 1950s cuz expanding. Fueled by presence of guest
workers of other parts of asia and other parts of europe. Late 1940s and 50’s u c migration of
workers of undeveloped parts of europe's. Italian greeks coming to germany sweden golgirian.
They were legal, asked to come. But families wil lcome to and stay. Issues of immigration,
expectations. All seem to be working well but then seeing economic problem for europe. Oil
prices proble by 1970’s.
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