PSC 2121 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Electroplating

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27 Apr 2016
Physical Science PSC2121
Ch 8: Static and Current Electricity
Additional Problems
1) When we talk about electric power we're talking
A) joules per second.
B) watts.
C) both
D) neither
2) The electric power of a lamp that carries 2 A at 120 V is
A) 1/6 W.
B) 2 W.
C) 60 W.
D) 20 W.
E) 240 W.
3) How much current is in a 60-W light bulb connected to 120 V?
A) 0.25 A
B) 0.5 A
C) 2 A
D) 4 A
E) more than 4 A
4) The current in a 100-W bulb connected to a 120-V source is
A) 0.5 A.
B) 1.2 A.
C) 12,000 A.
D) none of the above
5) What is the power rating of a device that draws 0.8 A when connected to 120 V?
A) 12 W
B) 15 W
C) 60 W
D) 96 W
E) 120 W
6) The power dissipated in a 4-ohm resistor carrying 3 A is
A) 7 W.
B) 18 W.
C) 36 W.
D) 48 W.
E) not enough information
7) A pair of 60-W and 100-W incandescent lamps are intended for 120-V operation. Which
lamp has a larger resistance?
A) 60-W lamp
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