SOP 3004 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Learned Helplessness, Cultural Psychology, Collectivism

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22 Apr 2016
Wednesday 10/02
The Self in a Social World
Who am I? The Self
Self-concept: who am I?
Self-knowledge: how can I explain and predict myself?
Self-esteem: my sense of self-worth
Social self: my role as a student, family member, and friend; my group identity
Self-concept: who am I?
Self and culture
○ Individualism
○ Collectivism
Interdependent self
Cultural psychology
● Self-knowledge
Explaining our behaviour
Predicting our behaviour
Predicting our feelings
Self-esteem: overall self-evaluation of self-worth
Self-esteem motivation
The “dark side” of self-esteem
Perceived self-control
Self-efficacy (correlates with persistence) - they have a sense of internal locus of control
(they are doing well for their own merit)
Locus of control (internal vs external)
Learned helplessness versus self-determination
The costs of excess choice
Self-serving bias
Explaining positive and negative events
Can we all be better than average?
Unrealistic optimism
False consensus and uniqueness
Explaining self-serving bias
Reflections on self-esteem and self-serving bias
Friday 12.02
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