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Lecture 2

IHS 4504 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Null Hypothesis

Interdis. Health Sciences
Course Code
IHS 4504
Jayanta Gupta

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Chapter 2: Developing the Research Proposal
Research proposal
o Formulation of a research proposal requires the investigator to
Identify problem
Elaborate the significance
Review literature
Outline methodology in time frame
o Selection of the problem
Select researchable problem
Not too broad or to narrow
Many factors to consider in ultimate selection.
o Interest
o Operability: resources and time
o Scope: manageable and relevant
o Theoretical and practical values: contribute to
health field and be beneficial.
o Health paradigm
o Values of the researcher
o Research methodology
o Reactivity
o Unity of analysis
o Time Frame
o Budget
o Sources of problems
Use of textbooks, periodicals, seminar reports and conference
Indices and abstracts provide valuable sources for research
University faculty can be the motivation for health research.
Consult with experienced faculty to check operability,
significance and value.
o Statement of Problem
Creates focus and direction
Written as question or declarative statement.
Be clear and concise
Each word be definitive, indispensible and expressive
Should be understood without researchers presence
o Research Questions
Specific to topic and population
Establish parameters within problem
Avoid clichés, colloquialisms, slang, and jargon
o Setting of the problem
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