COM 3417 Lecture 2: history of fim

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8 Feb 2017

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Rise of the motion picture
o 1) Persistence of Vision
o 2) Photography
o 3) Mechanized Entertainment
o Persistence of Vision phenomenon where the retina retains an image for a brief
split-second after the image was seen, gives illusion of motion. Ignoring gaps of
black between images
o The phi phenomenon optical illusion of perceiving continuous motion between
separate objects viewed rapidly in succession.
Lumiere Brothers (France)
o Invent Cinematographer
Camera, Printer, Projector
Patented (commercialization)
o Films Premiere on Dec. 28, 1895 at Salon Indian of the Grand Café in Paris
(basement screening).
Some films in Dec, 1895
o Workers leaving the factory
o Baby’s lunch
o Tables turned on the gardener
o Arrival of a train at the station
Edison- USA- 1896
o The kiss
o Fred Ott’s sneeze
o Annie Oakley
o Stages, spectacle, potential to make money, 1st film ad
o Invents/Uses Kinetoscope - exhibition device
o Developed by employee William Kennedy Laurie Dickson between 1889 and
George Melies 1896
o Studio Filmmaking
o Mise en scene
Props, etc.
o What does “mise en scene” mean?
“Everything in front of the camera”
o A Trip to The Moon 1902
o 1990’s Smashing Pumpkin’s Tonight, Tonight
o Trick Photography
In-camera editing
Multiple Exposures to create superimpositions
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