COM 3417 Lecture 5: Chapter 3 production design

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8 Feb 2017

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Chapter 3: production design and mise-en-scene
o All the elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed
o Responsibility of the director, cinematographer, production design
o Behind the scenes type stuff
o Components
Setting (set design) and props
Costumes and makeup
Staging (acting and movement)
Rule of thirds showing the center of the image and then not following that
Visual theme/story
o Visual theme- telling a story visually
o Visual arc
o Design concept
o How is this accomplished?
Story boarding, cinematography, stage design, and poetically artful ways
through direction
Visual structure
o There is a general color scheme spectrum throughout the film
Visual story
o Bruce Brock- producer/ visual consultant (matte supervisor)
o Hired to help figure out the structure of the film
Historical context
o Development of design
o George Melies fantasy
o German Expressionism
o Film Noir
Fantasy George Melies
o Magician, the Theatrical in film
o Built one of the first studios
o Melies create an event that never happened = fantasy
o Fantasy, illusion, distortion, dreams, psychology
o Art of designing and staging scene
o 1st filmmaker to use superimposition (multiple exposure), hand painting, stop-
o 1st filmmaker to light films from the side and above, diffuse light by filtering
through cotton sheets and glass
o Trip to the moon (1902)
o Smashing pumpkins tonight tonight
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