CGS 2060 Lecture 10: CGS 8

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15 Feb 2017
Each column represents a field, which describes the characteristic of the column.
Header Row
The row in which the field names are typed into. Typically the row is 1, but it can start
Collection of related fields that are grouped together.
To arrange a group of fields based on one or more fields.
Field name
Unique label in a field that describes the content of the data in a column.
Custom list
To sort a list by a certain category/order. EX: Excellent, good, fair, poor. Sequence in
which you want things ordered.
Excel table
Range of related data that is independently managed from data in other rows and
columns in the worksheet.
Table style
Preset style to format the look of a table.
Sort field
Fields used to sort data. EX: location, Condition, etc.
data definition table
documentation that lists the fields to be maintained for each record and a description of
the information each field will include.
To freeze a row or column so that the header remains visible while scrolling. Ribbon ->
View -> Freeze panes -> Freeze top row
Ascending Order
arranges text from A to Z, numbers from smallest to largest, and dates from oldest to
newest. Blank field at the end
Descending order
From Z to A, largest to smallest, and newest to oldest. Blank field at the end.
Primary sort field/Secondary sort field
first sort field, second sort field, etc. when you need to sort by more than one
Total row box
In Table tools design, to insert or remove a total row for sums.
Convert to range
Button to convert a table to a range
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