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Lecture 16

CGS-2060 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Cable Modem, Html, XhtmlPremium

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Computer Science
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a form of Solid State storage
Flash memory
notebook computers integrate the
mouse as this touch-sensitive pad
Touch pad
the set of programs that coordinates the
activities of the hardware and various
computer programs
System Software
Programs that apply the power of
computers to help perform tasks or
solve problems for people, groups, and
organizations; along with systems
software, one of two basic types of
Application Software
high-level program code that a
language translator converts into object
Source code
takes in source code and produces
output of object code and executable
software programs that make the
source or machine code available to the
public, allowing users to make changes
to the software or develop new software
that integrates with the open-source
Open-source code/software
designed to allow the creators of
intellectual property to specify the terms
Creative Commons License
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