GEO-1330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Bottom Trawling, Longline Fishing, Thermohaline Circulation

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6 Feb 2017

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Human Population (Jan 30)
Directly affect 85% of the Earth's land surface
Have dammed most of the world rivers
Have accelerated extinction rates to 100-1000 times their previous rate (now 1 species per 20
Now have 8 times the biomass of all other land vertebrates combined (domesticated animals
have 20 times their biomass)
Have created machines that now require more carbon every year than the human population
Have a population that could double in 50 years
Pollution and excessive waste
Warming climate
Threats to food production
Potential shutdown of thermohaline circulation
Eroding coastlines
Eroding topsoil
Unsustainable use of resources (threatening future generations)
Overuse of freshwater sources
Rising sea level
Increasing incidences of disasters
Destruction of wild natural areas
Overconsumption of natural resources
Fossil fuel scarcity
Extreme wealth inequality
Urbanization, especially of slum areas
Fragmentation of habits and loss of remote wilderness
Fish are getting harder to catch
The amount of fish caught ("landings") per unit of work expended
Bottom trawling
Net 10-25 miles wide scrape of the bottom
Kill reefs
Leave clouds of sediment
Longline fishing
Line can be miles long and have thousands of hooks since 1960s
Animals accidently caught while fishing
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find more resources at
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