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AMH 2097
Jonathan Sheppard

The Italians 1. Northern Italians and southern Italians were different as night and day to WASPs a. Less NI come over (90,000~) i. Before revolution and during wave ii. Have money, can spread out iii.Settle everywhere iv. Northern Italy 1. Northern Italy is cultural 2. Had been in contact for centuries, had trust 3. Fit in racially 4. "Good work ethic, cosmopolitan, good food" 5. Befriended by Jefferson a. Philip Mazzei i. 1773 formative wave 1. Wrote as Purioso about revolution a. All men created equal 6. 10000 come over in formative wave 7. Introduce opera 8. 80000 during first wave a. Wine in California, citrus in FL v. Southern Italians 1. Very dark features 2. Seen as backwards and illiterate, rednecks 3. Second wave immigrants a. Eastern Orthodox catholic, Jewish 4. Pull factors a. America industrial powerhouse 5. Push factors a. Rome, Naples, Palermo very poor regions b. Primitive agriculture, not enough water for irrigation i. Only 8% irrigated in 1920s c. Land reforms ignored by 1-2% voting population d. First railroad went to Paris, ignoring South Italy e. Cholera, malaria f. Vesuvius, Etna, earthquakes, tidal w
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