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Lecture 12

HUM 2020 Lecture 12: HUM 2020 Week 12 Things to Know Kathryn Cashin

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Florida State University
HUM 2020
Kathryn Cashin

Week 12 Things to Know Boston Tea Party spill that tea Rococo odd style Bastille storming of prison in popular with autocrats especially Paris in 1789, bunch of guards in france murdered ornate and decorative, frothy asymmetrical pursuit of love American revolution is truly bright colors (cream, pink) successful, French revolution was not because it went back Watteau first to bring the new into a dictatorship style in Revolution of France starts with Fetes galantes parties for the beheading of the king and queen elite, slightly naughty, scandalous They wanted to get rid of absolute monarch Boucher commissioned by madame pompadour (mistress Neoclassical new classic with salon) (looking back to roman and greek architecture), Fragonard paints for madame conservative, symmetrical, du barry simple lines, crisp, not frothy, stable balanced and rational Madame du Barry last mistress Robert Adam most credited The Swing most famous of architect on neoclassical style Fragonards, showed off ankles
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