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Florida State University
Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences
FOS 4209
Arturo Figueroa

FOS4209: Biological Hazards  Bacteria o Considered to be the most important agents of foodborne illnesses o Food born illness caused by bacteria falls into 3 categories:  Food infection: An illness resulting from ingestion of food containing large numbers of living bacteria that colonize the host’s intestine  Food Intoxication: An illness resulting from ingestion of food containing a pre formed toxin (ex. Staphylococcus aureus, clostridium botulinum)  Food Intoxification: An illness occurs when bacteria enter the intestinal tract and then start to produce the toxin in the intestine (ex. Campylobacter jejuni, E.Coli, and Vibrio cholera)  Molds o Produce highly toxic mycotoxins o Produce a range of disorders from gastroenteritis to cancer o More than 300 mycotoxins identified (small amount to occur in foods that would cause concern) o Types of Molds:  Aflatoxins= (in corn, peanuts, figs, tree nuts) produces aspergillus flavus, aspergillus parasiticus  Fumonisin= (corn) fusarium moniliforme  Ochratoxin= (corn, cereals, coffee, beans) penicillium veruucosum, aspergillus ochraceus  Virus o Cannot replicate outside a susceptible host cell and therefore does not multiply in food o Food serves as a vehicle for transmission of different viruses th
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