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Lecture 2

PSY-2012 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Peripheral Nervous System, Central Nervous System, Sensory Neuron

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Edward James Hansen

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PSY 2012- Lecture 2- Biological Science
Neuron: nerve cells specialized for communication
Cell body or soma: is where the nucleus located and produce component for the neuron new
Dendrites: part of the neurons that receive information from other neuron
Axon: they send signals to other neurons
Synaptic vesicles: sac containing neurotransmitter
Neurotransmitter: chemical messenger use for neuron to neuron communication.
Synapse; where neurotransmitter travel
Synapse cleft; sac where the neurotransmitter released.
Differentiation (type of neuron)
Peripheral nervous system
Motor neurons: conduct impulses to muscle and glands cell
Sensory neuron: affected by changes in the environment and respond to touch, light, and other
Central nervous system
Interneurons: the path between motor and sensory neurons. Controlling complex cognitive
Sending Information
Synapse: where the nerve impulses pass
Synaptogenesis: the production of synapses
Diversity help grow neuron.
It is more severe for adult in brain injury because of plasticity( if there is a part of your brain
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