THE-2000 Lecture 8: Renaissance Theatre

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17 Sep 2018

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Renaissance Theatre
Transitioning into the Renaissance
Rome Christians taken and put with slaves to die in Paratheatricals
Middle Ages
The Rise of Christianity
Christians disliked theatre in Rome.
o Pagan Origins, didn’t want to remind people of such things
o Christians tortured or killed
o Sinful Subjects
o Actors “lie” due to switch of identity
The Fall of Rome
Constantine moves capital to Constantinople
Rome falls (476 AD)
Theatre disappears, dark ages, Christians suppressed theatre to a place where it was pretty
much gone for 500 years
The Rise of the Middle ages
New order
Feudal systems
o Serfs and Nobles- majority worked the land as Serfs, nobles owned it
Church Priests and clergy at the top of the power structure
Spiritual world you do things in order to get wonderful things in the next life
o Anonymous most popular author on earth at the time, since only God had to know
who wrote what
The return of theatre due to low levels of literacy, used this to tell bible stories
Quem Quaeritas (965 AD) call and response style
Types of drama
o Miracle remind people of the saints
o Morality allegorical and didactic, conversation, justice in morality
o Mystery focus on cycles, Jesus’ life often
York cycle (14th to 16th centuries) long, interesting, various guilds
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