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Lecture 3

AFAM 3001 Lecture 3: 3. Smallwood Saltwater Slaves

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Fordham University
African American Studies
AFAM 3001

Smallwood Saltwater Slaves 01/31/17 • Summary of Wood Chapter 1 th o Racial theory upon which slave law was based by the second half of the 17 cen. was a “post hoc” phenomenon o Various forms of unfreedom existed in the New World o Justified inequality by o The Great Chain of Being o Believed God ordained societal hierarchy (i.e., divine right of kings) o Sense of power as an imperial force (colonizing the New World and Asia) o “Rule Brittania” unofficial/military British anthem (c1740) ➢ th o Indentured servitude in the 17 cen. addressed the problem of the need for agricultural labor in the New World; o Although servants and slaves often world side by side, there were important differences between indentured servitude & involuntary servitude (i.e., slavery) – see Powerpoint from 1/25 o Indentured servants, however, could have their contracts breached, suffer violence and hunger and other forms of inhumanity and depravation (ex. of child servant Richard Prethorne) • Chapter 2 o The “blackness” of West Africans already associated with sin and inferiority in the European mind o The Bible o Accounts of New World travel o West Africans were not Christians and thus considered “heathens” and “strangers” o Humanity questioned o Europeans asked how could people so physically “different” come from Adam and Eve? o Roots of polygenesis (notion that blacks and whites originated from different ancestors) o Hamitic myth: Claimed blacks were the descendants of Ham, Noah’s son, whose descendants were cursed by God • Jefferson, notes on the state of va. o Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia attempted to explain racial differenc
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