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Lecture 9

SOCI 1100 Lecture 9: Sociology #9

by Anna
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Fordham University
SOCI 1100

Sociology #9  Correlation between CO leve2s and Earth temperature - CH (4ethane) also plays a role in temperature o Heavier than CO but n2t around as long - Will CO l2vels return to normal? o Maybe, it depends on what we do now  Need political will to change - Current administration takes social Darwinian approach o Survival of the fittest  “We are meant to adapt” - Without will there is no change  “The Anthropocene Project” – Burtynksy - Photographed Niger River o Petroleum based material cycle  Calving event: when ice breaks off from glacier - Ice is melting o Raises sea level  “Value Change for Survival” – Lyons th - 7 generation values - Social responsibility o We have obligations to each other o How climate change needs to be looked a - We do better together than in a pyramid (hierarchy) o Indigenous view  Human-made climate change: Anthropocene era - Industrial Revolution onwards - Becoming an accepted term to refer to this period o Used to be called Holocene  Not specific enough  Meta issue: very important issue - Tied into more than one thing - Climate change is a meta issue  Not everyone likes Anthropocene - Right ju
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