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Lecture 10

PSYC 251 Lecture 10: clinical asessment notes 4:25

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Georgetown University
PSYC 251
Jesse Brand

24 y/o male with a fender bender a year ago with current cognitive concerns and mild depression - no injury to his head - in a familiar place, not texting, hit a sign post, awake when they found him - having trouble concentrating, doesn’t feel like he’s as efficient, having trouble following conversations - generally unremarkable medical history prior to crash - cognitive concerns began about 9 months ago - behavioral observations nothing of note - pt is currently unemployed - seeing a therapist, has never seen one before—depression, social isolation, social anxiety - no substance use - doesn’t get to see his friends as often as he did a year ago - reading, playing video games, exercising - trileptal, lamictal for seizures - stays up late to play video games - living with parents - appetite, energy normal, no alcohol, minimal caffeine - single, no kids - did well in school, regular job 71 y/o male with fall 6 months ago, head injury, and cognitive concerns - nature of head injury - nature of cognitive concerns - medical history - course of cognitive concerns - MRI is normal and that’s all he’s had - had cognitive difficulties for about 20 years but in the past year it’s gotten worse - slowed thinking, losing train of thought, and verbal expression - heart attack 12 years ago, diabetes - tripped over a kink in the carpet and bumped his head on the wall, no LOS or post traumatic amnesia - a little slow in presentation - history of depression, has been seeing the same psychologist for 20 years - neurological exam showed resting tremor in right greater than left hand and cogwheeling rigidity - cardiovascular agents, levodopa - responded well to l-dopa - MMSE 19/30 - cramping in his legs - does to the bathroom a lot during the light - appetite/energy are decreased - little alcohol, no subst
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