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Experiment 7 Rubric

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CHEM 1211K

Grading Rubric CHEM 1211K Exp 7. Molecular Orbital of Simple Molecules Fall 2012 URL for access to GT's WebMO: If the software does display images than download the latest JAVA version for your operating system I. Cover Page (5 pts) II. Data/Results (55 pts) PART A. Molecules that have lone pairs on central atom: SF ClF or IF OMIT XeF and XeF 4 , 3 5 2 4 NOTE: IF W5LL NOT RUN UNDER THE DEFAULT CONDITIONS. (too heavy an atom) USE THE BASIS SET 3-21G INSTEAD. Table 1. Data from Molecular Orbital Calculations for SF 4 , or3IF 5 (9 pts-3 pt per row) Molecule Image of Partial Dipole Bond Bond Angles Optimized Charges Moment Length (degrees) Geometry (only 4 sig. (debye) (Å) figs past decimal) Figure 1,2,3. Electrostatic Potential Plots for SF 4 , or3IF 5 (3 pts-1 pt per image) PART B. Molecules that have Lewis resonance Structures NO ,NO and O OMIT SO - 2 3 3 4 Table 2. Data from Molecular Orbital Calculations for NO ,2NO an3 O 3 (9pts-3pt per row) Molecule ESP Image Partial Dipole Bond Bond Angles Charges Moment Length (degrees) (Å) (only 4 sig. (debye)
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