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International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Review - Realism o The importance of power o Countries will seek IOs in order to control the world through them  IOs are puppets of the world’s great powers - Constructivism o The importance of ideas and identity o IOs are an expression of international norms  a country can spread ideas through IOs - Liberalism o The importance of choice (agency) o The availability of information leads to more peaceful resolutions internationally o Kant says that IOs are key to international cooperation What are international organizations and why have them? - International Organization members are able to : o Express legitimacy o Establish and enforce norms and “international law”  A country can promote its own ideas o IOs can act as a “neutral community representative” o Legitimize actions  Launder otherwise contentious political actions  Getting the “stamp” from an international organization legitimizes an action - IOs keep transaction costs low United Nations - Came into being shortly after WWII – 1945 - 193 members - Set-up in order to address shortcomings of League of Nations o No military power  “no teeth” o No US participation - The UN System o State sovereignty both creates a need for the UN and hampers its ability to create effective change - Purposes o Practically a world government o Members are those against whom the UN has not had to act without their consent o Meant to provide a global institutional structure to resolve conflicts - UN Charter o States are equal under international law o Full sovereignty o Independence and territorial integrity o States should carry out international obligations o UN was created to serve the needs of individual states o Also meant to work towards solutions for poverty and hunger o Still spends less than $30 billion per year on its budget - Structure o General Assembly: representatives (193 of them) sit in a room to listen, speak, and pass resolutions o UN Security Council: 5 great powers (France, Russia, UK, United States, China) and 10 rotating powers - Secretariat o The executive branch of the UN led by the Secretary-General o Nomin
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