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International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

8/28/12 Why Study IR? Book Answer: “You live in the world and thus you should live in it.” Our World - 6.9 billion people - Over 200 states International Relations - Relations between groups of people - National  refers more to a shared cultural history than to land mass - The idea of national binds people together - International law defines “national” as “sovereign” - “Sovereign”  authority within an area - Authority within an area needs a government o A government requires: laws, customs, institutions, responsibilities, etc. o The word “state” refers to the institutions that make up the state - Thus the term: Nation State State - In order to be a nation state, one must be recognize by other nation states  reciprocity - Vaber: a nation state has authority over the means of violence in its own region; it has a monopoly over the region and no other state can influence it Theory - Theories are tools to simplify complex behavior How
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