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International Affairs
INTA 1110
Tarun Chaudhary

Terrorism 11/15/12 What is Terrorism? - Political violence against civilians - “Terrorists hope to influence political change through coercion expressed as violence at indirect targets. That is, they attack targets that do not directly influence the changes they seek, i.e. unarmed civilians.” - The act of using fear to influence change Typologies - Audrey Kurth Cronin o Left wing terrorists  Ex. Maoists in Peru and Nepal o Right wing terrorists  Timothy McVeigh  Recent Norway attack o Ethno-nationalist  IRA  Ireland  ETA  Spain o Religious or “Sacred” Terrorists History - Since the late 1960s o Expansion of commercial air travel o Global news coverage o Transnational political and ideological causes - By 1969 skyjackings increased from just a few to 94 - The rise of hostage taking o 1972 Munich Olympics - The Iranian Revolution of 1979 marked a watershed moment o Fewer but more deadly attacks of increased sophistication Post-Cold War - Fewer ideological terrorists but a rise in militant Isla
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