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Water Wars States with Water - Ranking - Slight Water Stress o Turkey o Iraq o Egypt o Lebanon o Oman o Syria - Significant Water Stress o Jordan Saudi Arabia Irrigation and Farming Issues - Higher population increases water demand - Agriculture uses 85% of water o Leads to water overuse o Inefficient irrigation systems - Attempting water re-use o Simple recycling Drought - Several droughts in the past 10 years - Two major droughts along Jordan and Tigris Existing Treaties/Peaceful Attempts - Water Allocation o Between Syria and Iraq o The Protocol of 1990 - 1959 Nile Agreement between Sudan and Egypt for Full Utilization of Nile Waters o Gave Egypt permission to build a dam and allowed Sudan to build some dams as well o Ignored the other riparian states - The Jordan-Israeli Peace Treaty – 1994 o Jordan River o Granted Jordan previously controlled Israeli land and set water limits on both states Tigris-Euphrates - Key Actors: Turkey, Syria, Iraq - Key Issues o Turkey is home to the beginning of the Tigris-Euphrates – draws as much water as it
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