FRSC 302 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Forensic Pathology, Hematology, World Health Organization

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FRSC 302
Policy for Quality Assurance
Forensic lab, ASCLAD certified labs, Cap certified labs, and ASCP certified labs all the
following mission statement
Laboratories are committed to continual improvement, meeting internal requirements
and customer requirements, and providing a basis for the establishment and review of
the quality objectives
Quality practices are communicated within the organization, understood and adhered
to be all employees
The laboratory ensures a competent workforce to deliver quality results in a timely
manner according to the standards given by their respective licensing board
Every lab following the following generic structure
Laboratory Management ensures the following:
There are no activities that could compromise laboratory performance
There are appropriate procedures to ensure ethical respect of samples and
confidentiality of patient information
Duties and responsibilities of laboratory personnel are defined
Appropriate communication is established within the laboratory
A quality manager and a biosafety officer are designed
Standard operating procedures are strictly followed
Forensic Scientists and Medical Laboratory Scientists
Manages, protects, and preserves stock
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