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Lecture 3

PHIL 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: PsychoanalysisPremium

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PHIL 253
Wayne Froman

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:43 PM
Ludovico wants to study with Galileo
Galileo gives his telescope to make money.
Galileo discovers that Jupiter has moons.
He then sees the peaks and valleys of the moons. Aka shadows. This allows him to determine
that the Earth is a lot like the moon.
There is no larger picture, the only context is the law of nature.
For centuries people think everything goes around us. We are no longer the center of the
universe. Then 300 years later we are no longer the top human species because we came from
Then Freud does Psychoanalysis
Galileo then moves to florence to get money from the wealthy family and the 9yr old prince.
Scene 5:
Scene 8:
Galileo’s House in Florence
The little monk talks about his parents being disheartened about finding out earth is a lump of
rock. They are now studying buoyancy, then Galileo gets excited about sunspots, but sunspots
aren’t perfect.
Science is interacting with Social life, because it is why Ludovico may not marry his daughter.
Scene 9:
the Ballad singer is singing of changes that could happen if they no longer believe that there is a
bigger picture.
Scene 10:
He tries to go to the Medici’s house. but is not allow to see them.
Scene 11: the Pope is talking to the inquisitor and the inquisitor is telling him that he needs to get
rid of Galileo
Galileo writes his book after recanting.
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