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Lecture 2

ACC 212 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Issued Shares, Cash Flow, Financial Statement

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ACC 212

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Common Stock
- Voting rights
- Establish rules (corporation)
- Limited numbers of shares
1. Authorized Shares: max number of shares a corp. can issue
2. Issued Shares: numbers of shares sold and distributed
3. Outstanding Shares: numbers of shares issued – numbers of treasury stock
- Stocks repurchased back by corp. is NOT O/S
Par Value: price of legal fulfillment process for issuing stock
- Not an actual value of stock
-Stated Value: states requiring to put par value to indicate
- Presented in stock account
Preferred Stock
- Preference to dividends declared by the corp.
- Receive dividends or nay other assets first before Common Stock
-Dividend Rate Types:
1. % of stock’s Par Value
2. Per share amount
- Lower risk than Common Stock
- Terms and features of Preferred Stock
1. Convertible: can change to Common Stock
2. Redeemable: can sell back stock
3. Callable: eliminable stock
4. Cumulative: can request for dividends at any time
5. Participating: share dividend back to corp.
Treasury Stock
- Buy its own stock  treasury stock
- Must be corp.’s own stock
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