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Lecture 5

HPR 162 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: M.I, Doctor Of Psychology, Cortisol

Health Professions (HPR) (*Formerly HPFS*)
Course Code
HPR 162
Bryn Catapano

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Framework from which to work
Medical Model of TVs
- Psychiatrist/ MD/ PA
- Physical Tx (Rx, Electrocompulsive Treatment-ECT)
- Genetics
- Neurotransmitters
- Neurophysiology
- Neuro Anatomy
“M.I. is related to structure and function of the brain”
Symptoms Clusters of Symptoms
- Safety
- Professionals
- Less Triggers
- Observations
Diagnosis Requires
- Clinical Interview
- Observing Behavior and Mood
- Medical Records
- PhD and PsyD Testing
- Psychometric Testing
Biological Explanations for Schizophrenia
1. Genetics (Fam Hx)
2. Biochemical
a. Too much dopamine
b. May produce Psychotic Reactions
3. Neuro Anatomy
Biological Explanations for Depression
1. Family & Genetic
2. Biochemical
3. Low Levels of
4. Neuro Anatomy Damage to Amid Patho
5. Cortisol
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