CJS 102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Earth Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front, Timothy Mcveigh

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5 Feb 2017

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Hate Groups
o ELF Earth Liberation Front
o ALF Animal Liberation Front
The True Believer
They are closer to each other
Linden La Rouche and Weather Underground
o Myth: Not very bright
Tim McVeigh
Oklahoma City
Film Betrayed
o 1989
Emerging Trends
Anti-government groups
Ani-government have increased
Numerous groups hatred based on religion or religion
Since September 11,2001, rise in anti-Muslim groups
Immigrants often targets of hate
Gays and lesbians targets
Rising in violence linked to environment
Extensive use of technology to speak their ideology
o Such as websites, blogs short wave radio broadcasts
Production of hate based music
Increased movement of women
Increased role of U.S. military and former military personnel
Justice and Domestic Terrorism
o Worked for a while but gave rise to small independent cells
Limit Hate speech
o Contradicts the U.S. Constitution and little evidence that works
Hate Crime laws
o Not always clear when something is a hate crime and law is sometimes used against
Civil Lawsuits
o Only works against highly organized groups with resources to take
o A coordinated and planned effort to deliberately wipe out a racial, ethnic, or political
Combines Greek work “genos” and Latin word “cide”
o Race, tribe and killing
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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