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Illinois State University
GEO 102
Maria Schmeckle

Groundwater1Irrigation fieldscirclesaR kmbGear that rotates in circle to bring water up form the groundiCrow crops2Aquafer The part that is filled with wateraWhere ground water is3TerminologyaZone of aeration The area above the water table where openings are in the material are filled with airiFilled with airiiUnsaturatedbCapillary fringe Narrow zone just above the water table where water is pulled upwardsiNot as importantiiElectrostatic charge1Zone of negative pressureiiiLike when a napkin pulls up water that is spilledcWater table the upper level of the saturated zoneiSeparatesiiCan rise up during a lot of waterdZone of saturation the zone where all openings are filled with wateriFull of water4Porosity The volume of open spaces in rock or soilaThe empty space where water can gobLittle coarse spaces in sandiLike marbles1You cant squeeze marbles together without having some open spaces2Hollow space where water residesiiCracks in graniteiiiCavescaverns in limestonecSources of open space in rock or soiliPore spacesiiFractures jointsiiiVesiclesivCavitiesdThe empty pores in the ground that has the potential to store wateriExamples Wood spongeiiAvailable spaceePoorly sortedless porousfWell sortedmore porous5Permeability A measure of a materials ability to transmit wateraConnectedness between open spacesbCan water flow from one void to another
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