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Viral infections
o Once a virus enters a body, it can reproduce the person will have it for the rest of
his/her life
Although they may not experience symptoms while the virus lies dormant,
they are still infected
o Herpes
Infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV)
Mouth and face (herpes simplex 1) or the genitals (herpes simplex 2)
The virus exists in the sores, as well as from the infected skin without the
sores present (viral shedding)
HSV can be spread without active symptoms
A person can re-infect self on another body part (auto-inoculate)
Incidence: one of the most common STIs in the U.S
Symptoms: sores that last 8-10 days, tingling/burning feeling, itching & red
swollen genitals, painful urination, blisters with pus, fever, headaches
Diagnosis: presence of blisters, sometimes a scraping will be taken
Treatment: no cure; therapy with antiviral drugs (topical, oral, injected) to
decrease outbreaks, prevent complications, & reduce viral shedding; ice
pack; cooling or drying agent; L-lysine; decrease sugar & nuts
Vaccines are undergoing trials
o Human Papillomavirus
Over 30 types
Almost all cervical cancers can be attributed to HPV; can also cause genital
Transmitted = intercourse, oral sex, vulva-to-vulva sex, anal sex
Related factors: intercourse before 16, 2+ sexual partners in a year,
partner who has had multiple sex partners
Symptoms: asymptomatic; genital warts in 10% of HPV cases (highly
contagious); foul-smelling discharge; itching & pain
Women vagina, vulva, cervix
Men penile shaft, head, and scrotum
Diagnosis: visual inspection of warts, biopsies, pap test
Treatment: chemical topical solutions, cryotherapy, electrosurgical
interventions, laser surgery
May resolve itself or need many treatments
Prevention: Gardasil, first vaccine developed to prevent certain types of
Ideally for girls before they are sexually active. Ages 11-12 and 13-
Given in 3 doses over 6 months and is 95-100% effective
Now available for men
o Viral Hepatitis
3 types & their transmission routes
Hepatitis A (HAV) fecal-oral contact; vaccine-preventable
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