MGMT 478 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Foxconn

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Document contains lecture 1 and 4 notes
MGMT 478 Day 1
Economic tradeoffs
o Nothing as a win-win
o Everyone will always be giving something up
Gas prices changing
Productivity versus technology
o Technology is putting people out of jobs and are having dramatic effects
o Foxconn replacing 60,000 people
Labor was cheap
Now they are replacing those people with machines
This means fewer people have jobs
Machines are more efficient than people that is why they are
replacing 60,000 people
Evaluating risk is the function of the volume of something is happening and the
consequences of it
No such thing as not making a decision
o Because even if you decided to wait you made a decision to wait
Figure out what the data means
o You need to know what to do with data
Opinions versus facts
o There is a difference
o Example mentioned in class is numbers on the balance sheet are facts and you
cannot have your own opinion and change and put what you want
Evaluating a company
o Margins are important and need to be evaluated
This is something that has to be done on the project
o Strategies of company’s effect margins
Student loan debt
o This is larger than some students realize
o They struggle with paying them back later
o This is also something that will transfer to whoever you marry even if it is not
their student loan debt, it becomes your responsibility too
MGMT 478 Day 4
Climate change
o Multiple causes of climate change
o Electric cars are not better for the environment
The electric comes from burning coal, gas, and oil
o Ethanol is 1 to 1
o Worldwide problem
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