CS 4504 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Osgi, Location Transparency

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4 Nov 2016
Chapter 5
The Client Server Paradigm
Client Server paradigm/model of network applications.
Server process/server manages access to some network service
Client process/client access network to obtain a network service.
A client engages in a separate and independent session with the server. The client conducts a
dialog with the server until the client has obtained the service it desires.
Session interaction between the server and one client
Client-Server implementation is the most difficult to achieve.
The graph shows a flow of the server process. This flow can be infinitive.
The protocol for a service
Protocol set of rules.
Protocol includes:
How the service is to be located.
The sequence of interprocess communication
The representation and interpretation of data exchanged.
Accept a client’s
request for a session
Conduct a
session with the
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