PSYC 2300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Psychological Review, Psychological Bulletin

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8 Feb 2018
Literature Review and Library Research
1. Literature Review Questions
a. No firm conclusions on topic
b. Appears to be conflicting information
c. No published literature review
d. Informed by theory and research
2. Types of Articles
a. Primary Sources: original empirical
b. Secondary Sources: describes or
summarizes previously published work
c. Empirical Studies
i. Basicidea
ii. Appliedeffect on something else
iii. Contain introduction, method, results, and discussion
d. Review articlesorganizes, integrates, and evaluates previous work
i. Meta-analysis: statistical method of evaluating research/data
ii. Sometimes present theory or conceptual frameworks
iii. Use Psychological Bulletin
e. Theoretical articles
i. Present new theory or conceptual framework; refine existing theory
ii. Use Psychological Review
iii. Handbooks
iv. Role of theory
1. Good theory
a. account for data
b. relevant
c. testable
d. predict things
e. parsimonioussimplified
f. Methodological articles
i. Technical
ii. Avoid
g. Case studies
i. Illustrate a problem or solution
ii. Avoid
Current Research
Significant Branching
Theory or Historical
find more resources at
find more resources at
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