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Lecture 10

PSYC 3325 Lecture 10: social psychology notes : Prosocial Behavior

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PSYC 3325
Tracie Stewart

• Helping others: pro-social behavior and altruism o Research proposed after the murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964. She was killed in front of her neighbors and it was hours before someone called the police. o Prosocial behavior ▪ Helping others o Altruism ▪ Helping others without any selfish or ulterior motives ▪ Some say this doesn’t really exist Two models of Prosocial behavior • Negative state relief model o Helping is about social exchange o We help to get rewards, even if that reward is to reduce our own distress o More research suggests this • Empathy-altruism model o We can really help people because of empathy and not because of anything to do with us o Empathy is related to altruism, making them less likely to be egoistic ▪ People were less likely to take someone elses’ place is taking shocks s shocks if they didn’t have to watch o Factors that influence helpings ▪ Noticing need ▪ Interpreting it as an emergency ▪ Assuming responsibility for meeting the need o Situational factors ▪ Number of bystanders • In an experiment, it took under 5 seconds for individuals to notice smoke when they were alone • It took about 20 seconds for individuals to notice smoke when they were with others o Participants said that everyone else looked calm so they were as well o We usually keep to ourselves when we’re around other people • Rio is the most helpful city in the World • The most helpful city in the US is Memphis ▪ models • seeing someone help makes you more likely to want to help ▪ time pressure • likelihood that students would help a student depending on the amount of time they had o students that were in a rush and under time pressure were less likely to stop and help o student with a lot of time were significantly more likely to help o social norms ▪ reciprocity norm • the idea that we need to help others that h
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