PSYC 4430 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Biology Of Depression, Presenting Problem, Etiology

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8 Feb 2018
Chapter 1: Abnormal Behavior in Historical Context
1. Understanding psychopathology
a. Psychological disorder
i. Dysfunction associated with distress and impairment in functioning and a
response that is not typical or culturally expected
b. Phobia
i. Disorder characterized by marked and persistent fear of an object or
ii. Irrational
2. What is a psychological disorder
a. What is normal? What is abnormal?
i. Normalaccepted by society
ii. Abnormalnot accepted by society
iii. Varies ased o here you are, ho you’re ith, etc.
iv. Drawing the line between the two is difficult
b. Psychological dysfunction
i. Breakdown in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning
ii. Mild
iii. On a continuumnot just one extreme or the other
iv. Dysfunction does NOT equal disorder
c. Personal distress or impairment
i. Upset or distress
ii. For some, suffering and distress are absent (is it causing others to suffer
or be distressed?)
iii. Impaired
d. Atypical or not culturally expected
i. Deviation from norm
1. Greater deviationmore abnormal
ii. More productivemore toleration
e. An accepted definition (DSM-V definition)
i. Describes behavioral, psychological, or biological dysfunctions that are
unexpected in their cultural context and associated with present distress
(or lack of) and impairment in functioning, or increased risk of suffering,
death, pain, or impairment
3. The science of psychopathology
a. Psychopathology
i. Study of psychological disorders
1. Clinical psychologist and counseling psychologist
a. PhD, PsyD, EdD
b. Conduct research into causes and treatment
c. Adjustment, vocational, more severe
2. Psychiatrists
a. MD
b. Drugs, biological treatment
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