SOC 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Economic Inequality

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Soc 160
Social Problem- a condition or pattern that harms people in a society and warrants public
concern and collective action to bring about change.
How are social problems related to American values?
-Health (afford it)
-Education (gets it)
-Productive members of society (people need to be)
-Work for your things (goes along with being productive members of society)
Ideals of U.S. Society
-Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Who’s responsible for solving social problems?
-Depends on the situation
-If it is personal (ex. constantly being late) then the individual
-If societal (ex. Divorce rates or if certain workers go on strike) then the society needs to
realize the issue and solve it.
Economic Inequality (issues)
-Education (afford or not afford to go to college)
-Marriage vs. Divorce (rates)
Health and Environment (issues)
-Living conditions (Rich vs. Poor)
-Health and Disease (more rich people are healthy and more poor people have diseases)
-Immigration (the ability to or lack of ability)
Violence and Deviance (issues)
-Crime/Prison (amount of people incarcerated and the cost to run prisons)
-Violence Against Women (domestic violence)
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